Education being among our major drivers the foundation in respect understands and knows the value of an educated society .Under this:

The foundation supports needy and deserving students ranging from lower to higher institutions of learning. School fees grants have been offered to many students who in turn have shown a positive progressive performance in their academics.

Drugs abuse is a major challenge in our society, which one of the major factors for its viral spread is lack of knowledge. Driven by this factor the foundation introduced civic education to the society e.g. in schools with the main aim to educate the youth about drugs and its effect thus early cautioning to them.

Academic booster is another incentive under education drive. It’s a program to be introduced to public schools in counties we operate in. This program aims at motivating best performing students and teachers thus creating competition which in turn results in general good performance in schools.

The foundation also supports school based projects such as school facilities e.g. classrooms renovations and electrification.