Jungle Foundation formed and working under Jungle Nuts Company, is a non profit incentive that aims towards a noble course of positively impacting the society.

As we traverse this beautiful country in search of nuts, we come across very needy cases. We got touched by the cries of desperate children who don't have school fees, uniforms and sometimes, no food to eat. From this, Jungle foundation was born.

The foundation has managed to reach out to lots of deserving Kenyans in the country and making a positive difference in their lives .The foundation been a few years old has shown tremendous growth and a promising future can be seen with such a pace the foundation is moving with.

The foundation works under the following drives:


Education being among our major drivers the foundation in respect understands and knows the value of an educated society .Under this:

 The foundation supports needy and deserving students ranging from lower to higher institutions of learning. School fees grants have been offered to many students who in turn have shown a positive progressive performance in their academics.

 Drugs abuse is a major challenge in our society, which one of the major factors for its viral spread is lack of knowledge. Driven by this factor the foundation introduced civic education to the society e.g. in schools with the main aim to educate the youth about drugs and its effect thus early cautioning to them.

 Academic booster is another incentive under education drive. It’s a program to be introduced to public schools in counties we operate in. This program aims at motivating best performing students and teachers thus creating competition which in turn results in general good performance in schools.

 The foundation also supports school based projects such as school facilities e.g. classrooms renovations and electrification.


A working population is easily manageable and drives the economy forwards, thus JOB CREATION has been and will continue to be the foundation major target. Under this:

 The Foundation searches and welcomes job creators and supports job creating ideas by offering the needed support such as funds. Through this the foundation in collaboration with  microfinance institution Bimas offer loan where the Jungle Nuts company acts as the guarantor of the beneficiary and pays his/her loan interest.

 Internal job creation projects have been achieved such as Refuse Chambers & Estate Dhobis. This incentive creates job for a number of high population job seekers .JF is also in the process of introducing extra money making projects to farmers e.g. Rabbit keeping.

 Market creation, the foundation is currently working with Jua Kali sector to foresee easily available local market for the Jua Kali sector goods. Through this the Jua Kali sector will grow to accommodate a high population of the country jobseekers.


Good environment is a key to good development. In respect to this the foundation came up with the construction of 22 refuse chambers situated in different locations in Thika area.This Refuse Chambers aid in environment conservation by managing garbage. This refuse chambers also creates Jobs by having a labourforce that manage them by collecting the garbage.

The foundation also has aims of supporting eco-friendly ideas e.g. cleanup exercises.

Jungle Foundation has also managed to support individual challenges such as sickness, starvation  and provision of basic needs this is currently ran under FOOTSTEPS OF MERCY which is a program that reaches out to such deserving people in their homes,schools,children homes and home for the elderly.

Youth empowerment is also in the map for a better society. Under this the foundation supports  CO-curricular incentives such as sports teams that aid a lot in avoiding idleness which is a key to most negative behaviors.

Our prospects for a good society are high and we look forward to more and better work.